Kaiten Mail

An awesome email client for Android

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Unfortunately, Kaiten 2.005 introduced a bug on Android 2.x devices. Kaiten 2.006 fixes this bug and should be available in the app stores shortly.

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  • Split view can now be resized
  • Added sort by sender
  • Don’t show messages in Trash and Spam folders when viewing “All messages” or when opening Kaiten from a notification
  • Moving single messages from the Unified Inbox should now work
  • Fixed white flicker when using the dark theme
  • More bug fixes

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  • Added vertical split screen mode (resizable split screen will be added soon)
  • Simplified “circles” in the message list
  • Fixed text alignment for right-to-left languages when composing messages
  • Updated French and German translation

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  • Added “mark all as read” to the message list
  • Show “check mail” in Unified Inbox
  • Fixed displaying the unread count in notifications (Android 3+)
  • More bug fixes

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• Fixed a bug that crashed Kaiten when trying to compose a message.

We’re very sorry this one slipped through our testing!

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  • Fixed ‘check mail’ button for POP3 accounts
  • Fixed crash when starting Kaiten from old Unread widget
  • Fixed display bug when compose theme differs from app theme
  • Disabling the Sent folder should now work again
  • Minor bug fixes

In Kaiten 2.0 we removed some functionality we thought nobody would miss. It looks like we were wrong :-) Head over to kaitenmail.uservoice.com and add your votes to help us decide which feature should come back first.

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Kaiten Mail 2.0

Kaiten 2.0 is finally here!

New features:

  • A brand new holo-themed UI
  • Message threading
  • Major performance improvements
  • Rich notifications
  • Server-side search
  • … and a lot of other improvements

Head over to Google Play and check it out. There is also an ad-supported version available for those of you who like their stuff free (or maybe you live in an area where Google won’t let you buy apps).

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1.250 is a minor update which adds the ability to disable to controversial background colors in the message list and does a better job of saving the position of the divider in split view.

We’re hard at work on Kaiten 2.0, which includes a complete UI overhaul, message threading and server-side search support. 2.0 will be a free upgrade for all existing users of Kaiten 1.

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  • New screen transition animations are only used if “Animations” is enabled in settings
  • Changed the way read/unread messages are displayed in the message list. Light theme: read messages are displayed with a light grey background. Dark theme: unread messages are displayed with a dark grey background.

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  • Improvements to display of decrypted messages
  • Updated to the latest release of the MIME4J message handling library
  • Minor bug fixes