Kaiten Mail

An awesome email client for Android

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  • Added auto-configuration settings for mailbox.org
  • Added work-around for Asus Transformer display bug
  • Added support for KitKat’s Storage Access Framework that allows you to attach multiple files at once
  • Use a locale-specific date in the header of a quoted message
  • Added support for apps that don’t know how to properly use Android’s ‘share’ functionality
  • Avoid adding the same recipient twice when using “reply to all”
  • Fixed a bug with IMAP Push that could cause excessive battery drain
  • Fixed problems with inline images not showing on KitKat
  • Fixed a bug with bitcoin URIs
  • Fixed color generation for contact picture placeholders
  • Fixed POP3 STLS command
  • Updated Dutch, Ukrainian, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Slovak, Danish, Russian translation
  • More bug fixes

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Changes in v2.016:

  • Improved certificate validation. If you had to manually accept a certificate before you will have to do it again after this update.
  • Re-added support for SSLv3
  • Added support for Bitcoin URIs
  • Fixed problems with missing spaces in some texts

There was no announcement for Kaiten Mail v2.015, so here is the list of changes for that version:

  • Overhauled how we do message view scrolling to fix a Android 4.4 (KitKat) issue
  • Worked around a bug in KitKat that stopped settings import from working
  • Hardened TLS cipher suites and versions
  • Improved message generation
  • Better handle attachments provided by other apps when composing a message
  • Fixed several issues related to message drafts
  • Fix some small bugs in contact picture generation
  • Notifications no longer show “null” when sending mail
  • Updated auto-configuration settings to use IMAP for outlook.com
  • Updated auto-configuration settings for gmx.de
  • Updated Czech, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Hungarian and Slovak translation
  • Added Lithuanian translation

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  • Fixed problem with new Android version on Samsung’s Galaxy S4
  • Updated server settings for a couple of email providers
  • Updated French, Russian, Slovak and German translations

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  • Changed the look of the message list (no more “circles”)
  • Brought back the setting to hide stars
  • Fixed a bug that could crash the app when deleting a message
  • Added setting to configure which actions are shown when viewing a message
  • Fixed a bug that caused the \Recent flag on IMAP servers to be removed
  • Fixed erroneous SSL certificate warnings
  • Fixed a bug with exotic kernels on custom ROMs
  • Performance improvements
  • Updated Swedish, Russian, and Slovak translations

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  • Changed the fallback when no contact picture could be found
  • Added button to add a new account to the Accounts screen
  • Added a single-line layout for the message list (set preview lines to 0)
  • Added server settings for some providers
  • Performance improvements
  • Fixed several bugs
  • Updated Russian, Italian, Polish, French, Czech, Spanish, Finnish, Korean, German, Swedish, Hungarian, Dutch, and Catalan translation
  • Added Slovak translation

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  • Added additional shortcuts to the Folder list
  • Added an “empty trash” option to the Account context menu
  • Never use extended notifications when privacy mode is enabled
  • Fixed bug that prevented third-party apps from working with Kaiten
  • Fixes for several errors reported by Play Store users
  • Updated Russian translation

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  • Added setting to automatically shrink messages to fit the screen width
  • Changed the style of the multi-select checkboxes; enlarged the click area
  • Moving to the next or previous message should now work in all cases
  • Updated Greek, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, French translation
  • More bug fixes

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  • Fixed crash when searching multiple accounts
  • Fixed crash on Honeycomb devices
  • Updated German translation